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Pictures of Demons and Satan

View Photographs which may contain demons and an outline of Satan. Includes comments by Skeptics.

Photographs of Satan and Demons

Real Pictures - Decide for Yourself

Loook very closely for the Seraphims

Look very closely… it is believed that a Seraphimʼs shadow (An Angel) was caught in this picture - inside a church!

Look very closely at the area of the picture, where the yellow flowers are.

It is believed that the outline of Satan appeared in this picture when it was taken.

Photograph of what is believed to be a Desert Demon as discussed in the book of Enoch.

Another picture of what may very well be a Desert Demon, in the 21st Century!

If you study this picture, notice the shadows falling on land — it is believed that this may be a Cherubim (An Angel).


I am very excited about these five photographs that Iʼve obtained.

I wanted to share them with ANY Christians that might be around, to confirm the faith.
The skeptics no longer have an argument that will hold water.
As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.

The one photograph is believed to contain an outline of Satan in it, this picture is astounding. I donʼt know what Paranormal researchers will think about it, but Iʼm overwhelmed with this evidence!

From: “BDK”

LOL, you need to see a doctor, an eye doctor at least, but I doubt heʼs the right kind of doctor for you…
Donʼt you have some pills to take or something??


From: “John Baker”

Itʼs quite obvious thereʼs nothing unusual in the photographs, but thatʼs no doubt the entire point.
Sharon has a unique sense of humor. [G]

From: “Dangorn”

I think I saw Elvis in one of those pictures!

Send them to Ed Conrad.


Yeah, Ed probably has petrified angel toenails for sale on ebay.


From: “johac”
I saw Bigfoot! And a chupacabra!

From: “Mylon”

A chupacabra? Pfft, I saw 20!

From: “sharon”

The problem is you must take things as these on Faith!
It only takes faith… Go back, and just believe.

From: “quibbler”

Then why have photographs? All but the first photo had nothing and the first photo appears to have been quite obviously doctored to produce some vague, blurry smudges. None of that inspires much faith, Iʼm afraid.

From: “Wolf333”

<begin Foghorn Leghorn mode>

Itʼs a joke, son…

<end Foghorn Leghorn mode>

From: “sharon”

Only some dry sarcasm about Christians. *smile*

A couple years ago on the world news, they featured a story about a volcano that was erupting overseas, and all the damage it had caused — the newscaster made the comment “The Natives believe a demon lives inside the mountain.” An angry demon makes the mountain roar and move. (To them, it is completely realistic to believe, without science. Besides hearing this explanation all their life.)

If you tell a Christian that a demon lives inside a mountain, they will mark it off as superstitious nonsense… even *heathen* nonsense. Yet they go on themselves acknowledging their own demons and devils, even to this day. To deny demons, they will think you are going to hell, for denying what is written in the Bible. The Bible says there is a Satan and demons, and therefore it is blaspheme to deny a belief in them. Will they ever see the connection between superstitious natives, and their own beliefs?

Yes, the photos I gave had nothing unusual in them — nothing is there. Thatʼs the point. NOTHING is there. The faithful fundamentalist Christians have hundreds of thousands of stories to tell about how Satan is running the world, and demons are destroying society… and where are these demons?

Where is one photograph of a demon? Nobody has yet succeeded to point out so much as one demon in my entire life… but some of the people at the local churches would hysterically instruct to anoint the windows and doors with oil — and offering up prayers to keep the evil spirits out. I wish some Christian would understand my point — when theyʼre told “This is a photo of a demon”, and they look and seeing nothing — that it sink in, thereʼs nothing there. They have never seen these so-called evil spirits they fervently claim to be real… if they could only comprehend demons are completely mythological leftovers, from very primitive times.

I feel pity on Christians who believe in such superstitions. There is ONLY one positive thing, that being if you believe in devils and demons, it makes Blattyʼs “The Exorcist” a whole lot more interesting. But Christians cannot criticize anyone as ignorant, or superstitious for believing an “angry demon” makes volcanoes erupt.

Later on it was the early christians who blamed volcanoes on the devil. They turned Vulcan into a demon, and his angry voice, coming from the smoking mountain, was trying to drown out the moans and screams of torment of all the lost souls.

Together through the mist of myth, the richness of legend, and the dawn of understanding.

At the start it was to please and appease the gods.

  1. An azrec priest, armed with a knife, the handle of gold and platinum, slaughters captives on the peak of a rumbling mountain.

  2. A young girl, colorfully dressed, bright flowers in her hair, is led by a village chief up a smoking mountain. At the top, trembling, she steps over the edge and for the moment the god is satisfied.

    In other parts of the world:

    1. It was to explain what was believed to be smoke and fire, and to give some understanding to the awful noise. So was born Vulcan, his forges, and his chief helpers-cyclops.
    2. In Indonesia it was the great snake Hontobago. When he moved his body the earth shook, fire flew from the mountains, and even the gods were afraid.
    3. Later on it was the early christians who blamed volcanoes on the devil. They turned Vulcan into a demon, and his angry voice, coming from the smoking mountain, was trying to drown out the moans and screams of torment of all the lost souls.
    4. In the middle ages it was largely believed that the Icelandic volcano Hekla was the gateway to hell, and the hissing chunks thrown out of it were the souls of the damned.
    5. There were those, however, who viewed volcanoes in a different way. Mark Twain was fond of saying “the smell of sulfur is strong, but not unpleasant for a sinner.”

From: “Glenn (Christian Mystic)”

I see only blurry pictures

From: “sharon”

you are declared sane.

From: “Glenn (Christian Mystic)”

Thanx, I needed that :=}

SmileJeff: I looked really hard, but I donʼt see the outline of the Talking Snake anywhere in the picture. Perhaps he is just magically blinding me and keeping me from seeing the glory of his outline, though. After all, if itʼs reasonable to believe that a talking animal is blinding me (and most of the rest of the world) from seeing the alleged TRUTH of the Fabulous Magical Myth of Kryasst, perhaps itʼs not too much of a stretch to believe that he could magically blind me from seeing his outline in a picture. Amen? Glory!

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